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Pioneering Lead Generation with Conversational Messaging: A Case Study of Open Universities Australia

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 Pioneering Lead Generation with Conversational Messaging: A Case Study of Open Universities Australia - IoT ONE Case Study
Applicable Functions
  • Product Research & Development
  • Sales & Marketing
Use Cases
  • Chatbots
  • Time Sensitive Networking
The Challenge
In 2019, Open Universities Australia (OUA) decided to transition from live chat to conversational messaging, coinciding with the rebuilding of its digital platform. The goal was to enhance service for the 25,000 students they were catering to at the time. However, the contact centre required all students to create a new password, a task that posed significant challenges in a non-automated world. Additionally, OUA was using Facebook ads that linked to a form, which then funneled details to an outbound team for follow-up. This method was not particularly effective in terms of sales or user experience.
The Customer

Open Universities Australia (OUA) 

About The Customer
Open Universities Australia is an online higher education organization that offers a wide range of courses from leading Australian universities. In 2019, they were catering to 25,000 students and were in the process of rebuilding their digital platform. They were looking for ways to improve their service and streamline their processes, particularly in terms of lead generation and customer engagement. They were also exploring ways to better understand their customers and serve their needs more effectively.
The Solution
OUA adopted an iterative approach to automated messaging solutions, starting with prototyping, testing, learning, and iterating. AI chatbots were initially used to assist students in creating a password on the new website, thereby deflecting inbound traffic and saving student advisors significant time. This successful deployment of chatbots spurred an appetite for more AI-powered customer engagement in the business. OUA became the first LivePerson client in Australia to launch Facebook Messenger as a lead generation tool. Instead of linking ads to a form, they linked to a conversational messaging chatbot that qualified the lead and delivered prospects seamlessly to a live student advisor for closing the sale. This approach was so successful that lead forms were quickly dropped in favour of Conversational AI.
Operational Impact
  • The transition to conversational messaging and the use of AI chatbots resulted in significant operational improvements for Open Universities Australia. The chatbots were able to handle a large volume of simple interactions, freeing up time for student advisors to focus on more complex issues. The use of Facebook Messenger as a lead generation tool also improved the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, leading to better sales and user experience. Furthermore, the research conducted with LivePerson helped OUA understand which customer conversations should be handled by a live agent or a chatbot, and identified the best ways to serve customer relationships and needs in the future.
Quantitative Benefit
  • 80% customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, up from 60% at launch
  • 250% ROI from lead gen bot in the first 6 weeks of deployment
  • 2.5k conversations handled by the initial bot in the first 2 days

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