Case Studies > Campaigntrack's Transformation: Achieving 60% First Contact Resolution with Freshworks

Campaigntrack's Transformation: Achieving 60% First Contact Resolution with Freshworks

Technology Category
  • Application Infrastructure & Middleware - Middleware, SDKs & Libraries
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Application Development Platforms
Applicable Industries
  • Buildings
  • Telecommunications
Applicable Functions
  • Sales & Marketing
Use Cases
  • Facial Recognition
  • Time Sensitive Networking
  • System Integration
  • Training
The Challenge
Campaigntrack, Australia’s largest real estate marketing company, faced several challenges in its customer service department. The company initially relied heavily on individual agents for support, primarily via phone and email. However, as the company grew, this structure proved unsuitable due to the dependency on individual agents, leading to issues when they were unavailable. To address this, Campaigntrack tried creating agent groups to handle issues, but this led to difficulties in coordination, especially when the team was not in the same location, resulting in missed inquiries. Furthermore, there was a lack of transparency regarding the team's activities and workload balance. The company was also receiving a high volume of phone calls, approximately 8000, which needed to be reduced and distributed more evenly across other channels such as email and self-service.
About The Customer
Campaigntrack is the largest real estate marketing company in Australia, providing clients in Australia and New Zealand with a comprehensive marketing platform. The company's expertise spans marketing residential and commercial properties, creating content and print signage, and offering digital services and financial reconciliation consultation. With over 450 professionals, Campaigntrack serves 4000 customers and executes more than 170,000 campaigns annually. The customer service team is an integral part of their business model, working directly with clients to provide support on marketing projects and assist with any issues.
The Solution
Campaigntrack chose Freshworks as its customer service platform to address these challenges. The switch from a shared inbox to Freshdesk improved transparency and accountability, enabling the company to have better control over data and identify areas for improvement. The implementation of Freshworks' features like the knowledge base and help widget reduced customer reliance on the support team, improved efficiency, and led to a better customer experience. The number of phone calls was reduced to approximately 4000, with inquiries being more evenly distributed across other channels. Freshworks' ability to integrate easily with other applications and software was another advantage. Campaigntrack is currently integrating Slack, Twilio, and the Help Widget with Freshworks to further enhance their customer service. The company also used Freshworks' customer satisfaction feature to calculate NPS and other important metrics to quantify customer feedback.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Freshworks resulted in significant operational improvements for Campaigntrack. The company was able to transition smoothly to a remote work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to Freshworks' cloud-based system. The platform's user-friendly and intuitive nature made it easy for the team to adapt to the new system, leading to positive feedback from employees. The company was able to focus more on helping the customer rather than dealing with system complexities. The integration of Freshworks with other software provided a seamless experience for users, improving the overall customer experience. The company is now looking to further enhance their self-service capabilities and integrate their CRM, phone system, and social media with Freshdesk to create a holistic customer engagement platform.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Reduced the number of phone calls from 8000 to approximately 4000, distributing inquiries more evenly across other channels.
  • Achieved an average first response time of 4 minutes.
  • Achieved an average resolution time of 4 hours.

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