Saviant Case Studies High-end, scalable Cloud based IIoT solution for Device Management & Analytics
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High-end, scalable Cloud based IIoT solution for Device Management & Analytics

High-end, scalable Cloud based IIoT solution for Device Management & Analytics - Saviant Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Real Time Analytics
Application Infrastructure & Middleware - Data Exchange & Integration
Functional Applications - Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM)
Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Data Management Platforms
Sensors - Humidity Sensors
Sensors - Pressure Sensors
Sensors - Temperature Sensors
Equipment & Machinery
Asset Health Management (AHM)

Many instrumentation leaders face challenges including how to:

  • Track & monitor their instrument data such as Temperature, Humidity, Dew point or Pressure
  • Achieve real-time visibility of data to take necessary measures/actions.
  • Enable Remote Asset management capabilities to keep a watch on the end-devices at pre-scheduled intervals
  • Integrate notification engine to alert the end-customers in case of asset failures or abnormal conditions
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A 56-year old American Instrumentation Industry leader.
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Saviant built a high-end 'Industrial Internet of Things' solution using the power of Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. This IIoT platform supports a robust data management system architecture; to manage enormous volume of data coming in from connected end-devices/instruments in real-time. Also, it hosts an automated email notifications engine that sends alerts on abnormal conditions; regarding temperature threshold values, dead devices, device malfunctioning and many more specific events. The user can login to the web application hosted on Cloud, through the secure single sign-on authentication in order to access the data stored in SQL Server.

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Dew Point, Fluid Flow Rates, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature
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[Data Management - Real Time Data]
Real-time visibility of Instrument data.
[Product Improvement - Scalability]
Scalable IIoT platform that can handle greater than millions of devices.
[Data Management - Data Collection]
Instrument data collection frequency can range from 1 min to an hr.

Connected 3000+ end-devices using this scalable IIoT platform for an American instrumentation giant. And, the platform can easily handle 5x more such devices

Improved system uptime by 99.95% SLA with high availability & security capabilities

Cloud based robust data management system that stored up to 150 GB of data records for an instrumentation giant; but has the capabilities to manage 1000-times of that volume.

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