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Health Care Program Advisors Leverages IoT Tools for Enhanced Data Analysis and Revenue Monitoring

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  • Analytics & Modeling - Big Data Analytics
  • Analytics & Modeling - Real Time Analytics
Applicable Industries
  • Cement
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
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  • Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance
Use Cases
  • Behavior & Emotion Tracking
  • Leakage & Flood Monitoring
  • System Integration
  • Testing & Certification
About The Customer
The customer in this case study is a $2.5 billion health system in the Southeast undergoing an Epic EHR conversion. They sought HCPA’s help for go-live revenue monitoring. The health system was facing challenges due to the vast undertaking of implementing an EHR, which if not managed properly, could lead to significant financial issues. The health system needed to understand the effects of changes on revenue and required insights necessary for accurate revenue capture. They were also dealing with factors like revenue volatility, annual pricing adjustments, natural disasters, and the volume of historical data, which made establishing a performance baseline extremely difficult.
The Challenge
Health Care Program Advisors (HCPA), a boutique healthcare consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in revenue cycle management, information systems, business intelligence, and clinical and operations performance excellence. They partner with prestigious hospitals and health systems across the nation. One of the significant challenges they face is assisting health systems in mitigating adverse financial consequences during electronic health record (EHR) implementations. EHRs are designed to maintain patient health records, streamline administrative tasks like scheduling and billing, and maintain accuracy and patient safety. However, implementing an EHR is a vast undertaking and can often leave health systems with significant financial issues if not managed properly. HCPA uses Alteryx for revenue monitoring before and after implementation, assisting health systems in understanding the effects of changes on revenue and offering insights necessary for accurate revenue capture. However, factors like revenue volatility, annual pricing adjustments, natural disasters, and the volume of historical data make establishing a performance baseline extremely difficult without advanced tools.
The Solution
To appropriately baseline and assess revenue, HCPA leveraged Alteryx, a tool capable of analyzing historical revenue, generating baselines to measure conversion performance, and identifying issues in real time. Using Alteryx Designer, HCPA cleansed data from various sources, normalized pricing changes over a four-year timeframe, and evaluated impacts to revenue such as growth, seasonality, and COVID. Designer’s fuzzy matching capabilities were crucial in matching mis-mapped revenue across the health system. The real game-changer was the ability to combine Alteryx with other business intelligence tools for a seamless end-to-end process. HCPA used Snowflake, Alteryx, and Tableau to drive real-time insights for its client. Snowflake was used to create a single source of truth that made datasets more standardized and accessible. Tableau was key to the revenue monitoring project because visualizations helped the client see the comparisons between the baseline and current performance in real time, allowing for corrective action to mitigate adverse financial impact.
Operational Impact
  • The combination of Snowflake, Alteryx, and Tableau enabled HCPA consultants to get their hands on the data, analyze it, and share the insights quickly so clients could take proactive action. This integration created an easy end-to-end process for getting data from millions of raw records to polished, client-ready visualizations. The tools empowered the HCPA team to access the data readily. Moreover, the flexible analytics infrastructure allowed HCPA to adapt its data infrastructure to different working styles and preferences for consuming data. This flexibility and creativity in data delivery were crucial in helping its clients navigate changes efficiently.
Quantitative Benefit
  • HCPA was able to quickly detect $60M in missing revenue.
  • The client was able to promptly address the identified issues and accelerate revenue capture.
  • Mitigated significant downstream financial consequences.

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