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HARTMANN's Global Network Stabilization and Security Enhancement with Infoblox

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 HARTMANN's Global Network Stabilization and Security Enhancement with Infoblox - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Malware Protection
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Device Management Platforms
Applicable Industries
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • National Security & Defense
Use Cases
  • Construction Management
  • Tamper Detection
  • Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
  • System Integration
The Challenge
HARTMANN, a global leader in medical device manufacturing, operates in over 35 markets worldwide. The company faced the challenge of maintaining a uniform and organized IT infrastructure across its vast facilities and workforce. The user experience for HARTMANN executives and staff, whether in Heidenheim, Germany or Shanghai, China, needed to be of identical quality. To prevent local differences, HARTMANN decided to harmonize its IT infrastructure, which had been managed locally. However, the implementation with Microsoft DNS and DHCP solutions left the company unsatisfied over time. The problem was that the implementation was dependent on individual sites, limiting visibility into network operations. The data was outdated, and performing system analyses was a slow, time-consuming process. Furthermore, it wasn’t possible to integrate a backup concept with modern DHCP.
The Customer
About The Customer
HARTMANN is a long-established leader in medical device manufacturing with a global presence. The company has subsidiaries and production sites in every region, operating in over 35 markets around the world. With a sprawling facilities footprint and a worldwide workforce, HARTMANN's operations are vast and complex. The company's IT infrastructure is critical to its operations, requiring a uniform and organized system that can deliver a consistent user experience for HARTMANN executives and staff, regardless of their location. The company's complex branching structure and the need for secure and stable IT operations make it a demanding customer for network management and security solutions.
The Solution
HARTMANN turned to Infoblox for a comprehensive DDI solution, consisting of DNS (Domain Name System), DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), and IPAM (IP Address Management). When HARTMANN's data center in Heidenheim reached its end-of-life in 2019, the decision was made to build a new state-of-the-art center in Frankfurt. The network team realized that the entire Infoblox DHCP IPAM configuration should be reconstructed there too. HARTMANN took an all-or-nothing approach and decided to use this opportunity to implement Infoblox DNS services as well. HARTMANN also adopted Infoblox’s BloxOne Threat Defense security solution to protect its existing networks, the cloud, and Internet-of-Things applications and appliances, as well as the company’s SD-WAN. The solution automates security measures by comprehensively integrating the entire security ecosystem, providing clear, real-time visibility into all network operations.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Infoblox’s solutions has provided HARTMANN with a comprehensive overview of its IT infrastructure while reducing the overhead typically required for this level of functionality. The security solution provides comprehensive visibility throughout the entire network, enabling the company to identify and replace compromised devices quickly. It also signals any malware problems, Tor connections, and other threats during everyday operations, protecting HARTMANN’s infrastructure precisely and comprehensively. The company can now track everything to show what happened where and when, without exception. This deep insight into the company’s network is just one aspect of HARTMANN’s success in working with Infoblox. The simplicity of the Infoblox implementation process and the continuous support from Infoblox have also been positive, giving HARTMANN confidence that the solutions and products they have will remain in use in the long term.

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