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Mediaset España's Transformation with Fastly for Enhanced Video Streaming

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The Challenge
Mediaset España, Spain’s audiovisual market leader, faced a significant challenge in making on-demand video available to its users across all platforms. The company's architecture, which placed the origin of videos in the public cloud (Azure), was complex and only worked with a single content delivery network (CDN). Mediaset España wanted to adopt a multi-CDN infrastructure to ensure quality service and enhanced availability for premium users and customers. However, the company needed a CDN that could easily integrate with its existing architecture and adapt to a preexisting ecosystem without requiring major development steps. Additionally, the cost of extracting data from the public cloud (egress) was a concern due to the volume of data generated by Mediaset España.
About The Customer
Mediaset España is Spain’s audiovisual market leader with both linear and digital platforms. The company owns a tailored production model based on news and entertainment that is popular among young audiences and its commercial target. It operates seven free-to-air TV channels, including Telecinco, which has the highest number of viewers, and Cuatro, FDF, Boing, Divinity, Energy, and Be Mad. Its digital offering includes content platforms Mitele, Mtmad, and pay TV platform Mitele PLUS. Mediaset España also owns a film production company, Telecinco Cinema; a third-party production and sales distribution entity, Mediterráneo Mediaset España Group; and an audiovisual news agency, Atlas. It is a TV advertising market leader at the national level.
The Solution
Fastly’s CDN was chosen as the solution to Mediaset España's challenge due to its ability to adapt to the existing architecture and its agreement with Microsoft Azure, which made data egress more cost-effective. Mediaset España's videos are uploaded and stored in Azure, where versions with different quality levels are generated and packaged in the range of formats needed for distribution. Fastly was integrated by making real-time adjustments to meet the requirements of the different devices on which requests are made. Fastly's Compute@Edge functionalities allowed video streaming to be adjusted directly within Fastly’s own infrastructure, eliminating latency caused by the back-and-forth process with the public cloud. The solution was implemented in just a month and a half on all platforms serviced by Mediaset España.
Operational Impact
  • The integration of Fastly's CDN into Mediaset España's existing architecture has significantly improved the company's video streaming capabilities. The solution has allowed for real-time adjustments to meet the requirements of different devices, enhancing the user experience. The use of Compute@Edge functionalities has also eliminated latency that would have been caused by the back-and-forth process with the public cloud, making the whole solution more streamlined. Furthermore, the close collaboration between Professional Services engineers within Fastly and Mediaset España has ensured that integration requirements were accurately identified and solutions provided. The result is a more efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly video streaming service.
Quantitative Benefit
  • The solution was implemented in just a month and a half on all platforms serviced by Mediaset España.
  • Initial testing of the solution was ready within two weeks.
  • After nearly a year of the Fastly platform being continuously and intensively used, traffic at the origin has been significantly eased and requests have gone down very noticeably.

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