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Encouraged Autonomous Trade Engagements

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 Encouraged Autonomous Trade Engagements - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

The challenges are as follows:

  1. Challenges in conventional B2B trading practice 
  2. Challenges in validating the trustworthiness of the counterparties 
  3. Loss of actual and potential revenues 
  4. Lengthy & expensive dispute resolution 
  5. Missed sales opportunities & overhead costs for B2B vendors
The Customer
About The Customer

A tech service provider offering blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine learning, robotics & IoT, and AR/VR solutions across healthcare, retail, logistics, banking, and more.

The Solution

Cygnet Solutions:

  1. Developed a decentralized trading platform powered by blockchain for verified yet anonymous trading
  2. Created dashboard to allow seller or buyer to review & approve or bid for the goods
  3. Facilitated conflict management to reject cases of nonconformity, damaged goods, or delay in the order shipment
  4. Ensured verified reviews based on previous deals and success rating
  5. Facilitated logistics management to avail logistics services

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