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Drone Solar Panel Inspection

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 Drone Solar Panel Inspection - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Demanding construction pace requires repeatable daily drone data capture over large areas at a consistently high quality enabling consistent processing and analysis

PCL takes on solar projects that range in size, from small to massive. Once construction gets flowing on the larger fields, it happens in “waves,” with production teams driving more than a thousand piles a day, and module crews placing five times as many solar panels in that same time

It’s exacting, breakneck-speed construction that offers a limited view from the ground, making drone data all the more valuable.

The Customer

PCL Construction

About The Customer

PCL Construction is the largest construction company in Canada, and one of the largest in the United States. It’s drawn an impressive amount of business on the simple premise of building success for its clients. The company tackles projects ranging in size and scope, bringing to life the goals of its customers through an innovative approach. 

The Solution

The PCL team flies two GEN I WingtraOne drones. They started out with the 20 MP Sony QX1 payload (which has now been replaced by the 24 MP a6100 as the entry-level RGB option on the GEN II). After a successful start, they upgraded to the RX1R II.

The team uses the data for different solar project inspection objectives—from volume calculations, to progress tracking, to surface comparisons. To do this most efficiently, it partnered with AI Clearing, a technology company that rapidly incorporates design and drone data into project insights through visually rich dashboards.

Since they are an important part of their production tracking and site management workflow, PCL has flown their WingtraOnes a lot in many kinds of conditions and plenty of wind in open solar fields. In fact, as a team, they’ve logged nearly 200 hours of flight time with them so far. 

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