Cisco Case Studies Driving Digital Transformation: Mazak Corporation
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Driving Digital Transformation: Mazak Corporation

Driving Digital Transformation: Mazak Corporation - Cisco Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Real Time Analytics
Networks & Connectivity - Routers & Bridges
Equipment & Machinery
Discrete Manufacturing
Process Control & Optimization

Mazak required a common, standards-based method to securely connect and derive value from the rich, raw data in its machine tools. An advanced security system suitable for IT and operations technology (OT) was necessary to protect from both internal and external attackers. The application needed to run on the network infrastructure on the factory floor, immediately transforming process, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and sensor data. The fog application needed to support the MTConnect specification for integration with existing systems and sensors. Real-time analytics were required to process high frequency vibration, temperature, coolant, and sound inputs to inform operator action and drive business support systems.

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Mazak Corporation
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• Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity: Cisco® Industrial Ethernet 4000 (IE 4000) Switch • Application framework: Cisco IOx • Fog application: MTConnect • Real-time analytics: Cisco Connected Streaming Analytics

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Cooling Meters, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Sound Volume, Temperature, Vibration
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[Financial Growth - Market Opportunities]
Expanded market opportunity with Mazak SmartBox Connected Machine service
[Cost Reduction - Operation]
Cost consolidation through running fog application and real-time analytics on IoT network infrastructure
[Efficiency Improvement - Asset Utilization]
Improved OEE, continuous customer service, and increased machine utilization
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