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Data-Rich Company Cracks the Digital B2B Market

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 Data-Rich Company Cracks the Digital B2B Market - IoT ONE Case Study
The Customer
About The Customer

A leading business information services company

The Challenge

The company with little presence in the fast-growing business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing space wanted to tap into its powerful data assets to quickly enter this new market. The data-rich company asked Cognizant to help it leverage its core data assets.

The Solution

By analyzing the marketplace, quickly recognized that it was dominated by companies using “probabilistic” data. Cognizant then helped the company evaluate the opportunity and identify its competitive benefit in both data quantity and quality. They discovered that the company had a treasure trove of first-party “deterministic” data, which is more reliable and useful than the probabilistic data most martech companies offer.

Cognizant designed and built a data management platform that mashes up and collates large volumes of this data. The platform enables data segmenting for account-based targeting and marketing. It also integrates seamlessly with big marketplaces, such as Google and Facebook.

Together with the client, they are also exploring possibilities to expand their lead list and extract more value using machine learning-based modeling.

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