Atos Case Studies Creating Seamless Services for Societies in Transition
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Creating Seamless Services for Societies in Transition

Creating Seamless Services for Societies in Transition - Atos Industrial IoT Case Study
Cities & Municipalities
Smart City Operations

Vienna City Council needed a new way to deliver a better service, higher quality care and more transparency while cutting costs and minimizing bureaucracy. The chosen solution must have the following requirements: consolidation of multiple data within a single management system, a user-friendly interface, compliance with new regulatory requirements, „cultural sensitivity to the differing requirements of multiple faiths, and more transparency for tracking cases.

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Vienna City Council is the highest authority in the city. It is composed of 100 members who are elected by the people for a legislative period of five years.
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Vienna City Council
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MyCity incident and case management is a highly versatile solution that offers a complete inventory of responses, communication strategies and collaboration tools. It is capable of managing a variety of incident response services, such as crises / emergencies, public health campaigns, pandemics / epidemics, anti-social behavior, criminal incidents and more. Software Components - MyCity for incident and case management

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Asset Location, Labor Costs, Operating Cost, Reportable Health and Safety Incidents
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[Management Effectiveness - Real Time Information]
The location and incident case information of individuals can be identified in near real-time.
[Product Improvement - User Acceptance]
Better, more rapid user acceptance with less operative training required.
[Cost Reduction - IT]
Total cost of ownership is low compared to legacy systems due to reductions in IT.

MyCity results in a 40% reduction in processing time.

MyCity offers a 50% reduction in cost and project time when compared to a directly comparable open source solution or custom development.

Reduced paper and printing saved €100k during the first year.

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