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Connected Officer

Connected Officer - Prodapt Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Big Data Analytics
Networks & Connectivity - Gateways
Sensors - Camera / Video Systems
Sensors - Vibration Sensors

 Mobile/web app for location tracking of police officers  Automatic alerts to supervisors based on gestures & actions in case of emergency  Live streaming of crime scene to supervisors  Automatic dispatch of backup to crime scenes  Historical and real-time tracking of police officers’ vehicles

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The client is one of the world’s largest wireless service providers serving millions of customers in the US. The key business areas of the client include wireless communication, voice, messaging, and broadband.
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The solution proposed by Synapt requires high-speed wireless network and a variety of sensors, including motion sensors, body-worn cameras, gun-lift sensors, etc. These sensors are seamlessly integrated with Synapt’s IoT products, Gateway Enablement Framework, IoT Middleware Platform, Service Management Framework, and Data Analytics Framework, in order to deliver the sought benefits. In addition, Synapt developed a mobile app targeting police officers that works with an integrated OBD II GPS device to provide the exact location of each officer on the mobile map. The solution is tailor-made and vertical-specific to cater to four types of users.

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Communication Performance, Crime, Employee Location, Human Behavior, Vehicle Location Tracking
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Command and control view—quicker, better perimeter control for quick conflict resolution. Quicker officer response times.
[Efficiency Improvement - Labor Safety]
Lowered incidence of property crimes due to greater investigative capabilities
[Data Management - Data Accuracy]
Officer paperwork automation, Accurate data reduces manual errors.
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