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Catalina Labs Identifies Customer Location and Improves User Experience

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 Catalina Labs Identifies Customer Location and Improves User Experience - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Networks & Connectivity - WiFi
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  • Maintenance
  • Hardware Design & Engineering Services
The Challenge

Catalina Labs’ mission is both ambitious and necessary: “humanizing the way people communicate with technology.” As the first step in delivering on that promise, Catalina Labs developed Wixi, a solution designed to improve upon the in-home WiFi experience.

Wixi empowers users to take control of their home network by allowing them to scan their WiFi network and connected devices to identify and resolve WiFi connectivity problems. By removing the need to call the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) support team, Wixi provides immediate assistance to users who are looking to troubleshoot typical broadband problems while also alerting the ISP to connectivity issues in certain areas.

The Customer
About The Customer

Catalina Labs is a Silicon Valley-based company that empowers digital businesses to understand, optimize and expand their interconnected world. The company's connected home management platform, Wixi, connects a software agent/app, a cloud-based insights engine, and an informative enterprise customer portal. The solution not only enables the

diagnosing and repairing consumer connectivity issues, but also delivering rich context-aware insights to enterprise customers, enabling them to deliver better support and enhancements to their products and services.

The Solution

Neustar IP GeoPoint allows ISPs to know where and how their customers are connecting to the Internet. Featuring industry leading, patented technology, IP GeoPoint provides highly accurate IP-to-location data with the option for customers to configure their settings in order to further refine IP geolocation.

Operational Impact
  • [Product Improvement - User Experience]

    Based on the IP information provided by Neustar IP GeoPoint, Wixi can now give its users a way to identify their location, enhance their WiFi performance, and even compare their WiFi performance to surrounding areas.

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