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Auto IT Boosts BI Adoption by 40% with Yellowfin Integration

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 Auto IT Boosts BI Adoption by 40% with Yellowfin Integration - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Application Infrastructure & Middleware - Data Visualization
  • Functional Applications - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
Applicable Industries
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
Use Cases
  • Inventory Management
  • Time Sensitive Networking
The Customer
About The Customer
Auto IT is a leading B2B dealer management software system (DMS) company in the Australasian region. Founded in 2000, the company has grown to over 130 staff and 24,000 users in 1,500 dealer locations across nine markets. Auto IT develops and provides innovative software solutions that help retail dealerships in the automotive, agriculture, and trucking industries grow their business, improve profitability, and run more efficiently. Its primary DMS solutions are EQUIP and PMDS, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management offering, and Dealer Spectrum, a white-label analytics solution powered by Yellowfin.
The Challenge
Auto IT, a leading B2B dealer management software system (DMS) company in the Australasian region, faced a significant challenge with its clients' reporting processes. Prior to adopting Yellowfin, Auto IT’s clients relied heavily on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for reporting, a largely manual and inefficient workflow that was not mobile-friendly and lacked modern analytics features such as visualization. As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner, Auto IT needed an analytics solution that could support its customers' growing analytical requirements. The inefficiencies and limitations of the existing reporting system were the primary drivers behind Auto IT's decision to seek a Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics solution.
The Solution
After a three-month investigation into various BI and analytics options, Auto IT chose Yellowfin, a decision driven by the profound benefits they observed during the initial launch with two early adopters. Yellowfin's support for white label analytics allowed Auto IT to embed analytics into its core software and customize Yellowfin’s features to align with its brand. This resulted in the creation of Dealer Spectrum, an additional module for business intelligence that strategically aligns with their core DMS systems. Auto IT manages all administration for the customer through Dealer Spectrum, which has allowed them to monetize reporting requests and open up additional revenue streams. The product delivers insights to customers following the 80/20 rule, with 80% of dashboards being the same and 20% being unique and customized to each customer.
Operational Impact
  • The integration of Yellowfin into Auto IT's operations has significantly improved the company's reporting and analytics capabilities. Dealer Spectrum, the product resulting from this integration, has become a value add-on to Auto IT's main dealer management solution, with almost half of its customers adopting the BI product. The company now positions Dealer Spectrum as a major selling point, showcasing it more than their ERP solutions during new deliveries. The product's rich visualization and reporting capabilities have replaced traditional methods like whiteboards and Excel, providing a single-source of truth for customers. The broadcasting feature of Yellowfin has also allowed Auto IT's clients to set background tasks that run on a schedule and send content in a certain file or display, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
Quantitative Benefit
  • 40% of Auto IT’s client base has adopted their BI product, Dealer Spectrum.
  • Dealer Spectrum has opened up additional revenue streams for Auto IT.
  • Dealer Spectrum has become the major driving force for customers to choose Auto IT as a partner.

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