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Agilent Technologies: A Case Study on Energy Efficiency through IoT

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  • Smart Lighting
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The Customer

Agilent Technologies

About The Customer
Agilent Technologies is an American public research, development, and manufacturing company established in 1999 as a spin-off from Hewlett Packard. The company provides analytical instruments, software, services, and consumables for the entire laboratory workflow. Agilent Technologies operates in the healthcare equipment and services industry, with a significant presence in EMEA and North America. The company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and operating and maintenance costs, and it encourages its locations to look for ways to reduce energy and water consumption.
The Challenge
Agilent Technologies, a leading American public research, development, and manufacturing company, was seeking ways to reduce its energy and water consumption to lower its environmental footprint and operating and maintenance costs. The company identified lighting as a significant area where immediate savings could be achieved. The existing lighting system was inefficient, often leaving all 50,000 square feet of lights on unnecessarily, leading to significant energy wastage. The company was also looking to reduce its operating expenses and meet sustainability targets. The challenge was to find a solution that would provide complete control over the lighting systems at their facility, reduce energy consumption, and offer flexibility in programming.
The Solution
Agilent Technologies adopted the Enlighted Inc. control system, a program that provided complete flexibility to control all of the lighting systems at their facility. The system allowed for lights to be programmed to turn off and on during specific times, at specific intervals, at different ambient levels, and with varying levels of sensitivity, thereby reducing energy consumption. The new system replaced the 14 large lighting zones that existed before with more than 400 fixtures updated with dimming ballasts and motion sensors, creating hundreds of smaller, more manageable 'zones' of space to actively manage. The system also featured photo sensors for daylight harvesting options and temperature controls, allowing facility managers to program and customize specific lighting levels for employees at desks, offices, and labs throughout the building. The software also included an energy manager, enabling the generation of energy savings and consumption reports.
Operational Impact
  • The Enlighted Inc. control system has significantly improved the energy efficiency of Agilent Technologies' lighting system. The system has provided the company with complete control over its lighting, enabling it to reduce energy consumption by up to 90 percent in some cases. The system's flexibility in programming has allowed for more efficient use of lighting, reducing unnecessary energy wastage. The system has also enabled the company to generate energy savings and consumption reports, aiding in its sustainability efforts. In addition to the cost savings realized in energy efficiency, maintenance costs are expected to drop by approximately 25 percent, including changing lamps and ballasts because they will burn out less often. The system has demonstrated an average of 58 percent energy savings in lighting efficiency.
Quantitative Benefit
  • The Enlighted Inc. control system reduced Agilent Technology’s lighting costs by approximately 20 percent on weekdays and more than 90 percent on weekends.
  • The system paid for itself in less than 24 months, making every dollar saved after that pure energy profits.
  • The total cost of the lighting retrofit project was approximately $70,000, and Agilent Technologies received $4,800 from Roseville Electric to help with this customized project.

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