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Accelerate Digital Transformation

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 Accelerate Digital Transformation - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

A global bank was struggling to engage with customers. Their average-based
profitability practices weren’t improving customer relationships, maximizing
customer value, or reducing attrition. Cross-sell and up-sell functions weren’t
hitting performance targets and the bank’s segmentation analyses were failing
to inform pricing and customer service decisions.

With no corporate confidence in profitability metrics, the bank needed a new
way to reach customers and inspire them to act.

The Customer
About The Customer

Modernizing finance data to make informed decisions faster and transform customer experiences

The Solution

The bank worked with Teradata to:

  1. Provide line-level details for all transaction-related revenue and costs
  2. Leverage line-level details to develop behavior-based, data-driven profitability analytics
  3. Aggregate views of branches, products, vendors, and customers from a single model
  4. Enable the ability to directly feed a sophisticated customer segment model
  5. Improve marketing efforts due to a better understanding of customers and product

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