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Toyo Tire's Digital Transformation: Enhancing Product Development with IoT

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 Toyo Tire's Digital Transformation: Enhancing Product Development with IoT - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Analytics & Modeling - Digital Twin / Simulation
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Application Development Platforms
Applicable Industries
  • Automotive
  • Cement
Applicable Functions
  • Procurement
  • Product Research & Development
Use Cases
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • Virtual Prototyping & Product Testing
  • System Integration
  • Testing & Certification
The Customer

Toyo Tire Corporation

About The Customer
Toyo Tire is a Japanese-based tire manufacturer that prides itself on its loyal customer base, who they refer to as their 'fans'. The company is known for its high specification features, performance, and progressive design, which gives customers confidence to drive in all weather conditions and terrains. Toyo Tire is committed to creating innovative tires to suit the specific needs of new modes of transport, such as electric vehicles and connected cars. The company's mission is to create excitement and surprise with products that exceed customer expectations and enrich society. Toyo Tire has a growing base of loyal customers worldwide.
The Challenge
Toyo Tire, a Japanese-based tire manufacturer, was facing the challenge of keeping up with the rapid changes in the automotive industry. With the advent of electric vehicles and connected cars, the company recognized the need to innovate and develop new types of tires to meet these specific needs. However, their existing product development processes were not sufficient to keep pace with the industry's transformation. The company's data was held in siloes, preventing users from easily accessing all the information they needed. This lack of integration was hindering their ability to innovate and develop new products efficiently. Toyo Tire needed a solution that would accelerate its product development processes and put innovation at the core of its activities.
The Solution
To address these challenges, Toyo Tire decided to build a new simulation process and data management (SPDM) system. The company partnered with Dassault Systèmes to develop its SPDM system, called T-MODE, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. This platform provided an integrated environment for its R&D processes, helping the company to develop innovative products more efficiently. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allowed Toyo Tire to consolidate its data, gain a better overview of its processes, and carry out both tire design and drive simulation. This enabled the company to optimize the structure, pattern, and compound of its tires according to specific vehicle types and usages. The platform also provided a user-friendly environment where designers and engineers could conduct simulations themselves, reducing design lead times and increasing the number of viable designs brought to market.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has transformed Toyo Tire's product development process. The platform has enabled the company to consolidate its data and gain a better overview of its processes. This has resulted in more efficient product development and innovation. The platform has also made it easier for designers and engineers to access and use the data they need, improving productivity and facilitating the development of new products. Furthermore, the platform has allowed for design reuse and knowledge sharing across the company. The company can now accurately simulate specific environments, scenarios, and conditions on its tire designs, improving product quality and meeting stringent safety requirements. The platform has also enabled the company to operate more sustainably by reducing the need for physical prototypes.
Quantitative Benefit
  • The 3DEXPERIENCE platform has reduced design lead times, allowing for faster product development.
  • The platform has increased the number of viable designs brought to market.
  • The company can now run infinite tests on their tire designs, improving product quality and safety.

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