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Retail Store Automation

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Retail store automation includes a range of solutions that automate different aspects of the retail store, including operations, checkout, consumer experience, merchandising, and planning. Fully automated stores use a variety of IoT technologies to allow customers to walk into a store, pick up the items they wish to buy, and simply walk out again. Payment is processed automatically and the customer receives a receipt on their phone as they exit the store. The technology behind fully automated stores relies heavily on full camera coverage of the store, combined with advanced computer vision and facial recognition technologies, to keep track of each individual as they move around the stores. Shelf monitoring systems monitor the goods on the shelves and makes sure that there is always sufficient inventory on the shelves. Camera Tracking and shelf monitors are synchronized so that each customer gets the right item into their virtual shopping carts. On the operational side, inventory, merchandising, and planning processes can be automated as shoppers purchase goods and inventory levels change. Robots, drones, and other similar load bearing devices can also perform some activities typically performed by store staff such as restocking shelves and providing store directions.

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