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Material Handling Automation

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Material handling automation uses a wide range of automatic guided vehicles, robotics, and drones to transport and store materials without human intervention. Equipment automatically lift, rotate, and shift materials, fetch and carry loads to and from racks, store and retrieve materials, transport loads over long distances, and can deliver and collect loads to and from a wide range of conveyors, processing machines, palletising systems and automated storage and retrieval systems. The improved accuracy and precision of these systems improves efficiency, reduces cycle times, and creates a safer working environment. They are commonly deployed to handle sensitive or hazardous materials and to operate in harsh conditions. Material handling systems use sensors, such as lasers and radars, to identify and stop when in proximity to obstacles that cross their path. They are also equipped with readers to read RFID tags or other identifiers that are attached to loads. And they are typically controlled by a warehouse management system that tracks orders, inventory and equipment status, and coordinates routes and distribution plans. This is critical part of a just in time supply chain Orchestration system.

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