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Manufacturing process simulation software uses animated, interactive models to replicate the operation of an existing or proposed production system. Simulation enables organizations to analyze manufacturing system efficiency and safely test process changes to improve throughput and profitability. Simulation adds tremendous value to the production process in manufacturing plants, especially in process manufacturing. Today companies mainly use it to identify process improvements and to simulate the impact of new technology introductions into an existing production system. Engineers can adjust the virtual model of a process, test it and determine suitability on a “new” production line, reducing the time and cost requirements associated with physical testing.
Business Viewpoint
The need for efficiency in the manufacturing industry has never been greater, with material, transportation and labor costs continuing to rise each year. Successful companies need to ensure that the costs associated with time, equipment and other investments are being considered and optimized. At its core, manufacturing simulation is an inexpensive, risk-free way to test anything from simple revisions to complete redesigns, always with the purpose of meeting production goals at the lowest possible cost. Simulation also provides a way to test and implement principles of Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. And unlike spreadsheet-based analysis and forecasting, manufacturing simulation offers a quick and efficient method to adjust parameters and get faster results.

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