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Thing+ provides real time dashboard, setting rule, and data analysis.

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Customise own dashboard for all sensors in everywhere. Fit your own way for complicate and difficult to use sensor data. Visualized dashboard can reduce your time to set. Customer can set various widgets by user own feature. Optimized widgets for any devices such as Desktop, Tablet PC, and any Mobile devices. Set your own Rule and check the rule in anywhere with Timeline Control system by Setting from simple to complicated rule by Thing+. All the rules will be displayed in the timeline and you can receive alarms in anywhere. Trigger-Condition-Action setting can make various and ready-to use rule. Use precision data analysis and time zone statistics.. Justify meaningful analysis by various data. Advanced IoT service can be made by various chart and statistic data. Compare different type of sensors simultaneously. provides minimum, maximum, and average number for each sensor to help customer own data analysis. Additionally, you can download data from each sensor.

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Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
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Thingplus IoT platform
Thingplus IoT platform
Quick and Easy but Powerful Cloud Platform for all IoT services!Highly available, horizontally scalable cloud serviceIndependent of cloud computing infrastructure such as Amazon Web Service(AWS), Azure.Scalable architecture coping with dramatically increasing numbers of users and things.Virtual sensorsVirtual sensors created from external data sources can be used together with physical sensors.Rule engine covers not only physical sensors but also virtual sensors.B2B ready featuresBusiness area agnostic modeling of Gateway/device/sensorService/site/user hierarchical management is flexible enough to diverse customer organization.Access control to GatewaysStatistics and reportingBilling systemRule and TimelineTrigger/Condition/Action based distributed rule engineRule results are logged as timelines notified via Text messaging, App push, email and etc.
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