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Telezone is a provider of Industrial IoT networks and connectivity, and sensors technologies.
RFID Readers
Networks & Connectivity
Use Cases
Smart Parking
Telezone’s Technology Stack maps Telezone’s participation in the networks and connectivity, and sensors IoT technology stack.
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
  • Devices Layer
  • Robots
  • Supporting
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability
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Impinj wirelessly connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, and automobile parts to consumer and business applications such as inventory management, patient safety, and asset Tracking. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely information about these items to the digital world, thereby enabling the Internet of ThingsImpinj, Inc. provides ultra high frequency Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions for identifying, locating, and authenticating items. The company’s products include Indy Reader Chips that include integrated radio chips and supporting SDKs; Monza Tag Chips, which deliver memory options and extended features to RFID tags; and Speedway fixed RFID readers and antennas for RFID-based information. It also provides STP Source Tagging Platform, a platform for the creation of high-performance encoding and verification systems. The company serves retail, asset management, consumer electronics, entertainment, healthcare, Internet of Things, and logistics markets.
Datalogic is a global technology leader in the Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets. They are a world-class manufacturer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems, and laser marking systems delivering innovative solutions for a wide range of applications in retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing and healthcare. Datalogic innovation sets the standard in multiple industries.
Silion Technology
Silion Technology
Silion Technology is a RFID technology provider, founded in 2005. Silion Technology has a professional R&D team to help clients in finding the most efficient RFID solutions.
Kiloway Electronics is using advanced XLPM memory technology to develop secure, reliable and low-cost RFID chips and solutions. The company's product is widely used in smart sports, anti-counterfeiting, smart industry and smart logistics.
SuperRFID specialises in 2.45G active RFID products and solutions for high-tech enterprises, and provides research and development, engineering design , product manufacturing, systems integration and engineering services.As the industry leader in active RFID, SuperRFID has implemented local and international projects in areas of mining, intelligent transportation and other areas of construction. SuperRFID's smart city sensor networks solutions and products create a range of services to the people of intelligent management system, including urban electric vehicle anti-theft Tracking, Metro bus signal management, community intelligent access control and others.SuperRFID's products has received national certifications, mine safety, FCC, CE and other relevant certification, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The company is one of the sponsor of Radio Frequency Identification Laboratory, is an international standard: one of the drafting "ISO 18186 2011 -RFID Container shipping label system" and the national standard "IT 2.45GHz RFID air interface protocol," the. The company also has won the "integrity of enterprises in Shanghai", "Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise", "high-tech enterprises in Shanghai", "China RFID leader" and so on.
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