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Technical Architecture Recommendations - TDK Industrial IoT Case Study
Technical Architecture Recommendations
BEMAS needed a new technical architecture to support the SaaS model for their software product line. The current technology solution was written in Visual Basic with a SQL Server database.  
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Issue Tracking Application - TDK Industrial IoT Case Study
Issue Tracking Application
Pulaski phased out their existing issue tracking system and had the opportunity to create a software application that would provide visibility and ownership to each issue, ensuring timely resolution. Pulaski needed an issue tracking system tailored to their needs which would make the process more efficient.
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Systems Analysis and Design - TDK Industrial IoT Case Study
Systems Analysis and Design
MECS had a critical production server that was running software that could no longer be maintained and there was no one left on staff who understood how the software was built or how to perform a restoration in case of failure. The business users had a high dependency on this server due to a critical application not being available if the server failed.
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