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SensorSuite Inc. is a real-time machine intelligence platform.
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SensorSuite Inc. is a real-time machine intelligence platform. It reduces operational risks and improve the performance and efficiency of machines, equipment, assets, and things. It is a leading-edge, real-time sensor and control, cloud analytics platform that empowers executives and managers to extract more value out of their assets, space, and equipment; and make more informed decisions

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Sensor Suite’s platform uses temperature, motion and power sensors to manage HVAC and energy consumption. The system aims to automatically reduce the number of loads running at the same without compromising occupant comfort. The result is huge energy savings.

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Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
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SMARTHESIA is a young creative dynamic company backed by many years of experience and success in the field of Information Technology and Software development on Cloud Platform.Founded in 2015, by a «core» team composed of expert professionals coming only from ICT market of International Corporates.Thanks to a strong background in IT, the expertise in the development and management of products and complex solutions for large international companies, and the continuous adoption of new technologies, SMARTHESIA fits into the Italian market IoT with services, products and innovative solutions.
Prodsmart is real time process tracking for production lines and job shops. We turn any production line into a digital smart factory.Our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) turns smartphones and tablets into sensors to collect process data directly from the shop floor, eliminating paper and providing real time analytics that allow for waste reduction and efficiency improvements.Paperless manufacturing is a longtime sought opportunity. We provide it.
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