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Discrete Manufacturing Industries (Fiberglass Pipe) - nicheBees Industrial IoT Case Study
Discrete Manufacturing Industries (Fiberglass Pipe)
The implementation of ERP software in a Discrete Manufacturing organization needs to be strategic, irrespective of its size and capacity. The client had already implemented an ERP system which fulfilled their requirements but was not efficient enough. Efficiency here meant Synchronized Planning, Updating and Multisite Planning. Planning at client’s place was done outside the ERP system. Lack of proper synchronization to the ERP system paved way to huge delays in the changes getting updated in the system. These delays caused disruption in achieving delivery schedules. Multisite Planning is a solution to an organization which has multiple production units (may or may not be geographically separated) and thus needs planning across these units to synchronize production activities within them. The client also has multiple factories and hence Production Planning control is very essential in their case. Since Multisite planning was not possible with Baan ERP system, this was another bottleneck for the client.
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Discrete Manufacturing Industries (Audiology) - nicheBees Industrial IoT Case Study
Discrete Manufacturing Industries (Audiology)
• Planning at the client’s end is done at Excel Sheets by planners on day to day basis (Elimination of manual activities in planning) • Multisite planning required for more visibility of all companies with single company in Baan • Constraints based finite Material planning • Simulation Capability with what-if analysis is required on day to day basis for users to simulate some situations like rush orders & their Impact on existing plan • Quota Arrangement to distribute planned supply orders between different supply sources • SIC planning for material movement between warehouses • Sales Commitment to customer should be more realistic based on capacity • Relation between sales orders and planned supply was required to see the complete chain from Purchase to Sales for demands • Firm Allocations of Supply orders to demand time phased inventory planning dynamically based on upcoming demand
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