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Dell Transforms its PRISM Inventory System with SingleStore - MemSQL Industrial IoT Case Study
Dell Transforms its PRISM Inventory System with SingleStore
Enterprise procurement and third-party logistics systems have many moving parts, and data disconnects can lead to inefficiencies and wasted resources. Dell’s existing inventory and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Glovia, provided batch data updates, with reports available every 30 minutes, and was not integrated with Dell’s supply chain systems. These factors led to data disconnects and did not support the needs of a fast-paced global enterprise.Glovia reporting queries were taking too much compute power, and its storage needs were exploding. Since the minimum required holding period for audits is seven years, Dell already has to store substantial amounts of historical data in its Teradata enterprise data warehouse, and regional regulations in some parts of the world — e.g., minimum hold time requirements of up to 30 years of data in China — make it even more challenging.Dell needed to streamline its data footprint and optimize its inventory processes by modernizing PRISM and moving from batch data updates to real-time streaming reports. The team wanted to move from its legacy application to a modern technology stack within a year by creating a real-time inventory application with the speed and scale to meet the needs of the business.
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