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Kenmei Technologies

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Kenmei Technologies is a Spanish company based in Valencia founded by telecoms and software experts, focused on providing data intelligence with machine-based decisioning, automating network operations and customer Assurance, to help operators to deal with the incoming increase of network complexity.
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ADELE stands for Autonomous Decisions and Learning. It is a network intelligence solution that provides automation in classification, segmentation and resolution of network issues at different operational levels.

- Use of expert systems and Machine Learning algorithms to provide best-in-class recommendations
- Multiple and rich data sources are ingested and correlated
- Multi-techno, multi-vendor solution, natively supporting from 3G to 5G
- Massive solution capable of supporting nation-wide networks
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Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
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Silverline was thus born to help and provide affordable services and much needed peace of mind for Older Adults, their families, and the local community.
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