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A decentralized edge-computing networks for Internet of Things
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IoTEdge is building an economic-driven solution for the Internet of Things. Blockchain technology is used to establish the interaction protocol layer, collaborate with the edge nodes of the Internet of Things to create decentralized IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. The Blockchain enables devices to Trust each other and creating an abstract Meshed network.

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Supply chain and Logistics

Supply chains are traditionally highly fragmented. Many companies cannot identify precisely how much product they have in any given place at any one moment in time. For example, in product transportation, even through the transfer of goods through multiple logistic companies, The products’ status can be tracked to ensure deliverying safety and timely; For example, products, inventory, sales, all of data are recorded, so as to facilitate sales team and production team to infomation sharing, improve operation efficiency. Things and systems are becoming more and more intelligent, thus gradually entering a complete virtual world.

Traffic and Vehicle

DAPP, which runs automatically in the Internet of Things, makes vehicles become intelligent application terminals. Owners can use block chains to track Internet of Things equipment, such as annual vehicle inspection, auto insurance Tracking and so on. Automatic data exchange between vehicles, such as: road congestion source map transmission data, so that car owners can understand the real-time traffic situation, to achieve safer automatic driving, automobile automated navigation, road rescue, etc.

Intelligent devices

Sensors can be used to track the status of bridges, roads, power grids, and even to help remote areas monitor natural disasters, prevent large-scale mountain fires, pests and other disasters, achieve intelligent urban management, predict urban greening and pollution, and maintain, and share efficient urbanization management. Relaying different Internet of Things can effectively circulate resources. At the same time, it greatly lowers the access threshold of the Internet of Things, shortens the development cycle and reduces the risk of application development. In the future, it will be widely used in smart grid, smart logistics, smart home, smart billboards, smart cities and military applications.


Given the aging baby boomer generation and the many use cases IoT can provide for healthcare, the healthcare industry can derive substantial benefits from IoTEdge Network products. For example, consider the case of adding IoTEdge security into an IoT solution, used for a proprietary health application platform, which is then built upon by application companies creating connected monitoring products, analytics tools, trackers, and other innovations.

An inventory sensor inside a hospital emergency room blood-storage appliance could autonomously order re-stocks of specific blood types from regional suppliers based upon existing inventory, electronic health record reports of scheduled surgeries, and day-of-week historical ER needs. This system could be secured with the IoTEdge.

Industrial IoT, Smart Cities

Industrial IoT requires a secure ecosystem within which a wide array of device types can seamlessly operate together to help manage the consistent execution and monitoring of workflow across multiple processes. Additionally, industrial IoT devices often need to extend autonomous Interoperability to include resources beyond the domain of the manufacturing facility. The result is a need for trusted identity, reputation, and the ability to ledger user-defined key events.

Regarding smart cities, municipalities are finding ways to employ automation to seamlessly connect IoT devices and resources to lower power consumption, reduce traffic congestion, enhance air quality, increase safety, and improve overall livability. IoT will be at the core of many of these efforts, and providing security across this broad array of attack surfaces will be essential.

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Xinyuan real estate, Vicuc

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Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Software that can take over complex human operations and operate independently of human intervention.
Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
Software that focus on securing devices, machines, and communications between them.
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