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HUM Industrial Technology is a supply chain technology company building predictive sensors to make the supply chain smarter and safer. Our wireless wheel and bearing sensors for railcars and locomotives provides predictive visibility into the health of your assets, eliminating derailments, optimizing your maintenance management, and controlling your inventory costs.
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Predictive Maintenance
Using proprietary vibration analysis, our sensors are able to predict bearing and wheel failure several months in advance, eliminating costly network disruptions and allowing you to plan your maintenance spend with confidence.

Inventory Control
Not only will you able to track the location of your assets, you'll also be able to track your maintenance and inventory activities. Whether you have a fully utilized ERP or CMMS system or just a well-used clipboard, our web platform can boost your current system by Tracking specific components, and recording asset maintenance activities.

Derailment Prevention
With the ability to detect bad wheels and bearings months before failure, eliminate catastrophic derailments and costly maintenance delays. Continuous monitoring of rail car and locomotive wheels and bearings provides an extra layer of prevention to keep your crews, customer's goods, and your assets safe and secure.

Track & Trace
Your customers are asking for detailed and frequent shipment updates. Give them Amazon-like visibility into their shipment using our continuous GPS Tracking. Combined with our simple web interface you will be able to keep tabs on your rail cars anytime, anywhere.
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, and also active in the railway and metro industries.
Use Cases
Fleet Management
Predictive Maintenance
Remote Asset Management
Railway & Metro
HUM’s Technology Stack maps HUM’s participation in the IoT technology stack.
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  • Functional Applications
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
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  • Robots
  • Supporting
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability
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KONUX is building smart sensor systems for machine insights. Based on the same core hardware tech they are developing smart sensor solutions to generate robust real-time data. By combining the measured data with the right analytics, it will enable the customers to understand their machine problems and make maintenance predictable to saving millions of dollars every year.
Cityworks (Trimble)
Cityworks (Trimble)
Founded in 1986, Azteca Systems supports more than 650 customers throughout the United States and around the world ranging in size from single user sites to installations that service millions of people and multiple disciplines. These clients include public works agencies, large and small communities, water/wastewater/stormwater districts, streets and traffic, parks and recreation, facilities, and other organizations involved with capital assets infrastructure and the maintenance associated with its care and operation.Azteca Systems began as a consulting firm focused on delivering mapping support to US Federal agencies. Earning a solid reputation in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the company was sought to help public works agencies understand and implement GIS in their organizations. As a result, Azteca Systems’ attention was turned toward the management and care of assets and infrastructure. The company pioneered a new approach to work management with Cityworks and in 1996 released the first iteration of the product.A recognized industry leader, Azteca Systems created Cityworks, a GIS-centric asset maintenance management solution integrated with Esri’s GIS technology. The Cityworks approach is innovative and unique among a cadre of legacy systems, leveraging the inherent value and investment of GIS data.
Variantz is a managed IoT Cloud Platform that makes use of Contextual Intelligence and Hyper Reality for Residential Homes & Estates to securely interact with cloud applications, smart appliances, and autonomous devices.
Humaware (EKE-Electronics)
Humaware (EKE-Electronics)
Humaware have developed a suite of innovative data driven tools that provides users with a preventative maintenance capability that detects and diagnoses defects to predict and prevent asset failure. Implementation of our data driven toolset enables organisations to develop effective asset management strategies to enhance condition monitoring systems and realise the benefits of investments in Predictive Maintenance.
Anylink is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the application of the Internet of Things that’s reliable, easy to use and safe. Anylink is in the leading position in the field of M2M technology, with more than 10 Chinese and American patents. With forward-looking technical research results and many years of experience in industry application, Anylink has established firm strategic cooperation and business partnership with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as the Tsinghua University high speed railway research center and the Tsinghua University big data technology research center.
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