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Sunnova Energy Case Study - CloudLock (Cisco) Industrial IoT Case Study
Sunnova Energy Case Study
Sunnova manages residential solar panels. In this case, there's data coming from different sources and way. They really need a way to have a fundamental understanding of their data to meet regulatory, policy and confidential APIs.
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How a Leading Digital Innovator Protects Consultants and Clients - CloudLock (Cisco) Industrial IoT Case Study
How a Leading Digital Innovator Protects Consultants and Clients
Protecting a dynamic workforce and client trustWith corporate parents like Microsoft and Accenture, IT consultancy Avanade was literally born to deliver digital innovation and results for clients and their customers through the Microsoft ecosystem. 4,000 clients in 24 countries later and now the #1 Microsoft services company in the world, Avanade is creating the digital future, which at times entails first overcoming the limitations of the digital present and recent past.The future of work is heading outside of the office. To be most effective for clients, the vast majority of professionals work outside of offices at client sites, airports, hotels, and everywhere else they can leverage the cloud to deliver the ubiquity clients need.A highly mobile workforce means that it’s very difficult to use traditional security methods to protect endpoints, workstations, and clients, since it’s very difficult to enforce mechanisms and security controls when users are off the corporate network, Security solutions like firewalls or web proxies don’t help protect endpoints when they’re not actually in the office, which created unacceptable risk.
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