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astozi is a specialized company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions based on Industrial Internet of Things technologies for the environmental monitoring and the machines monitoring in industry, warehouses, pharmaceutical industry, IT/ICT, agriculture, musems, transport and many other...

astozi solutions are a comprehensive tools and solutions that allows you to:

  • prevent outages,
  • optimise costs,
  • keep production processes’ quality parameters on desired levels,

thanks to

  • astozi hardware,
  • astozi software
  • custom solutions delivered by our company and our integration partners.

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The company in its portfolio has both hardware (specialised environmental sensors and electronic gauges for monitoring the operational parameters of industrial machines ) as well as software solutions (flagship product - systemONE) for environmental monitoring, monitoring of industrial processes and energy management.

The systemONE solution is designed for environmental monitoring of single locations, as well as complex and distributed installations that could spread across many physical locations. The complete solution consists of the network of sensors and a data processing & visualisation platform in form of a dedicated Hardware or Virtual Appliance. The communication between sensors and central unit is achieved with use of both wireless and wired technologies. systemONE solution can work either with dedicated "astozi" sensors (temperature, humidity, current, shock, vibration and others ), or 3rd party sensors and industrial probes ( PT100/1000, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V DC, 1-Wire etc. ) making it the most versatile solution available on the market.

The company also has unique and specialized equipment that allows accurate and precise monitoring of industrial machine parameters (eg CNC machine tools) so that it is possible to assess the utilization of these devices and take appropriate measures to optimize the work or plan for the modernization and maintenance of the equipment. Astozi solutions can be part of the TPM systems (Total Productivity Maintenance systems) and provide the ability to maximize OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) coefficients, so companies can effectively leverage available production resources.

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Sensors transform energy into electrical data; they are the eyes and ears of IoT. Actuators transform electrical data into energy; they are the muscle of IoT.
Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Developing custom hardware for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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systemONE is a complete enterprise environment monitoring system, that allows toprevent outages,optimalize costs,keep production processes’ quality parameters on desired levelsthanks tohardware, software and custom solutions delivered by astozi,3rd party hardware integration capabilities,3rd party software suites integration capabilities.So, if youmanage the IT infrastructure,are responsible for production quality / storage management,deliver environmental data driven servicesdon’t hesitate and choose astozi professional solutions for you or your customer.GET THE DATAThe system is designed for environmental monitoring of single locations, as well as complex and distributed installations that could spread across many physical locations. The complete solution consists of the network of sensors and adata processing & visualisation platform in form of a dedicated Hardware or Virtual Appliance. The communication between sensors and central unit is achieved with use of both wireless and wired technologies. systemONE can work either with dedicated astozi mote sensors, or 3rd party sensors and industrial probes (PT100/1000, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V DC, 1-Wire etc. ) making it the most versatile solution available on the market.VISUALIZE & ANALYZEThe system allows monitoring of multiple types of parameters at the same time. The server analyses the data and presents it via dashboards, graphs, or several types of maps. All views can be customized and used in any type of application.GET INFORMEDThe system allows to create multiple alarm policies that may be adapted to user’srequirements. They include both safe range settings as well as choosing thenotification type (like SMS, e-mail and other). Every measurement exceedingsafe range set for selected type of sensor is logged, and a notification issent to infrastructure maintenance personnel. The possibility of continuous accessto data and events gathered from external sources is a very important feature of systemONE. This allows to implement the system not only in new installations, but in existing ones too.
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