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Aretas Sensor Networks is an IoT SaaS platform company. Our offers include RTLS, IEQ, SmartX, WELLNESS, gas, VOC, thermal, dust, sound et al supported by cloud platform for AI, Analytics and Machine Learning. ASN has developed numerous IoT Sensor products, IoT Gateway solutions and an IoT Cloud / Analytics Platform

Aretas introduce Sentinel, a cigarette/cannabis smoke detection platform that monitors and alerts in real time.

IoT Solutions

Aretas designs and builds wireless sensors to measure and report on metrics such as; gases (CO, CO2, NO2, SO2); environmental metrics (temp, humidity, noise) to industrial processes (pressure, process counts, strain, etc)

Sentinel Air System detects cigarette smoke, alerts your team via email or text and logs the event. Sentinel Air System is also packed with valuable sensors that provide unparalleled insight into indoor air quality levels and energy savings opportunities with real time temperature, relative humidity, CO2, VOC, odor, PM 2.5, and even light levels and sound.

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