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Arcanys is a Swiss software development outsourcing company in the Philippines. We specialize in building highly skilled teams of developers for tech-enabled companies big and small, filling their need for robust software capabilities with flexible arrangements that ensure continuity. The vendor-buyer type of relationship is not how we work. We position ourselves as genuine technology & business partners, meaning we treat your goals as our own and are not afraid to speak our minds in the interest of your success. And our customers see the best results this way! See for yourself: We complement our core expertise with technical and business mentorship, business analysis, UX / UI design, QA, and other delivery and support services. Since 2010, we've helped more than 200 companies worldwide, including 50 startups. In short, our services are the following: • Full-time dedicated teams (software development, testing / QA) • Web and mobile applications development and testing • 24/7 AWS & customer support • Business Analysis & UI / UX design • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science • CTO on-demand

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Ep. 191
Creating and Retaining a High-performing Software Team
Frederic Joye, Co-founder, Arcanys

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