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Vegam 4i
Vegam 4i
Future manufacturing enterprises are expected to be smart: the next stage of 'smartness' is digitization of manufacturing with a seamless integration and connectivity. Creating a smart factory involves deployment of a platform that enables Cyber-Physical Systems, involving real time communication between man, machine and the cyber-world extending to Internet of Things.This would enable connected devices to exchange information and implement actions without any human intervention.Vegam 4i includes, a Scan-Pack module for handling material movements, a production module for handling recipe/ SOP /manufacturing and a reporting module with real-time KPI-dashboard for continuous improvement.Vegam 4i offers integration with other production enterprise software like ERP, PLM, Courier, Transport and Shipping solutions. Advantages • Empower man & machine to make real time decisions based on data• Internet of Things Enabled and Empowered• Big Data, Predictive & Preventive actions• Just-in-time training, Just-in-time instructions for safer and dynamic manufacturing• Digital Standard Operating Procedures for adopting quick product launch cycles
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