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Predixion Insight
Predixion Insight
Predixion Insight is a powerful Cloud-based predictive analytics platformPredixion Insight is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform that analyzes data from anywhere – database, data warehouse, in the cloud – and combines the data, prepares it for analysis, trains predictive models and scores data in real time. Predixion has an open deployment mechanism that enables “predict anywhere” flexibility so predictive analytics can be embedded into BI tools, dashboards, applications, cloud services or on to devices, machines or CEP systems. In this way, real-time predictive analytics are placed at the point of decision to improve business outcomes. Predixion’s patent-pending technology, the Machine Learning Semantic Model (MLSM), encapsulates the entire analytics workflow into a single object that is “production ready” greatly reducing time to build and deploy models. The MLSM also enables portability so the analytics can be deployed into enterprise applications, Cloud services, or directly on a device or machine. Predixion’s integration into Excel enables users to build powerful models in a familiar environment.With Predixion RIOT, OEMs can embed advanced analytics directly onto their devices and machines to make their devices smarter, and Enterprise customers can add intelligence to every level of their network to solve expensive problems like unplanned downtime.
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