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TwinCAT 3
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Beckhoff created a global standard for automation with the launch of PC-based control technology in 1986. On the software side, the TwinCAT (The Windows Control and Automation Technology) automation suite forms the core of the control system.
only one software for programming and configuration Visual Studio? integration more freedom in selecting programming languages support for the object-oriented extension of IEC 61131-3 use of C/C++ as the programming language for real time applications.
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PC Control Combines PLC with CNC
PC Control Combines PLC with CNC
Kraft Maschinenbau produces highly customized doors, requiring very flexible, mixed production of a large variety of components and products, down to batch size 1. This includes variations in frame size, materials, décors, seal types, and fittings.
Series Production with Lot-size-1 Flexibility
Series Production with Lot-size-1 Flexibility
Nobilia manufactures customized fitted kitchens with a lot size of 1. They require maximum transparency of tracking design data and individual processing steps so that they can locate a particular piece of kitchen furniture in the sequence of processes.
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