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ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

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ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps
Platform as a Service
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ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are a set of role-based starter apps built on PTC’s industry leading IoT platform, ThingWorx. Able to be installed and configured in under 60 minutes without impacting production, these apps are 100% web-enabled and accessible via any browser.
ThingWorx Controls Advisor (for Controls Engineer)
Designed for the Controls Engineer, this app can be installed on existing hardware without impacting production. It provides seamless connectivity to OPC servers, enabling users to remotely monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity with just a few clicks.

ThingWorx Production Advisor (for Plant Manager)
Designed for the Production Manager, this app connects the top floor to the factory floor. It provides users real-time visibility and remote insight into production line performance and status — wherever it is needed and in the format that is required.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor (for Maintenance)
Designed for the Maintenance Engineer, this app improves maintenance processes and production performance. It provides a real-time view into all assets’ statuses and alarms, enabling users to remotely monitor and detect anomalies to catch problems before they impact production.
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