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ThingWorx Analytics enables enterprises to find the true value in their IoT data – to learn from past data, understand and predict the future, and make decisions that will enhance outcomes.

Monitor edge devices and provide real-time pattern and anomaly detection on real-time data streams.

Provide automated predictive modeling and operationalization for a variety of different outcomes. Pattern and anomaly detection on real-time data streams.

Deliver prescriptive and simulative intelligence that identifies factors that contribute to an outcome and explains how to change a predicted outcome.

Automatically operationalize and maintain predictive and simulative intelligence to deliver to end-users.
ThingWorx Analytics is an integrated capability of the ThingWorx IoT technology platform that enables developers to quickly and easily add real-time pattern & anomaly detection, predictive analytics and simulation to the solutions they build.

Finds anomalies from edge devices in real-time. Automatically observes and learns the normal state pattern for every device or sensor. It then monitors each for anomalies and delivers real-time alerts to end users.

Automatically predicts future outcomes. Subscribes “Things” to relevant outcome-based predictions (time to failure, errors per hour, etc). Displays results in context to end users through any ThingWorx powered solution or experience.
*Requires ThingWorx Analytics Server.

Improve future performance and results with automated prescriptions and simulations. ThingOptimizer automatically identifies the key factors causing a given outcome.
*Requires ThingWorx Analytics Server
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DeviceLynk Delivers Customized IIoT Solution
DeviceLynk Delivers Customized IIoT Solution
Previously to working with ThingWorx, DeviceLynk built an IIoT platform but found it lacked scalability. They needed something to capture and handle data from an unlimited amount of devices and customers.
Complex Discrete Manufacturing with ThingWorx Analytics
Complex Discrete Manufacturing with ThingWorx Analytics
ABC faced two major issues when utilizing the data collected. One is the size, complexity, and disparity of the data collected would take lot of man-hours to process and evaluate. Two is real-time data cannot be put into use due to the nature of data science analysis.
Reducing the Rate of Readmissions
Reducing the Rate of Readmissions
The client had limited or inefficient integration of its data sources, which made it difficult to see patients through a longitudinal lens. The client was, however, uniquely positioned to leverage the expansive patient data contained within its network of care, and set out to do so in 2012. Specifically, they wanted to improve the outcomes of patients with Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) through improved care management with goals of reducing readmission rates, better managing patient cholesterol levels, and better managing patient blood pressure. Specifically, the regional healthcare provider was interested in implementing a machine learning platform, that quickly automates complex analytical processes and integrates powerful information into existing applications and portals.
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