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ioEYE is an Application Enablement Platform designed for IoT/M2M System Integrations
Monitor asset data in real time
ioEYE can capture data at an interval of one minute or above from a variety of assets, devices, equipments and automation systems. You can then view this data from anywhere online.

Control assets in real time
You can manually switch equipments or devices on and off from anywhere online. You can also setup automatic control rules. Example - Automatic switching (on or off) of equipments or devices if an alarm occurs.

Web based user interface
Requires only a web browser. Scalable vector interface fits any size screen without distortion. You can now have a larger screen in your plant, building or team area to display vital parameters. This is a good way to keep your team informed of latest asset and equipment conditions.

Real time alarms over email and SMS
You can set alarm rules to monitor unacceptable conditions or readings. ioEYE immediately communicates alarms via email and SMS alerts to the right person for immediate action.

Hardware and network agnostic
Choose the best combination of hardware and network. ioEYE can acquire data from any equipment or device that supports open communication protocols, like the MODBUS protocol. It comes with a pre-supported list of hardware and building support for new hardware is easy.

Device diagnostics
ioEYE constantly monitors devices that are part of its infrastructure, like gateways and routers that send data to it. Administrators can quickly identify devices that are faulty, and address issues quickly. This reduces any system downtime due to device failure.

SNMP alarm Traps
ioEYE supports SNMP alarms traps. When a SNMP enabled device detects an alarm condition it immediately sends out an alarm trap to ioEYE. ioEYE then communicates this alarm to you. And all this happens in near real time.

Group assets, devices or equipments
You can group assets, devices or equipments in functional hierarchy. Group them according to department, location, functionality or any other way that makes sense to you.

Control user access at asset level
You can manage access at asset or equipment level by assigning users or managers to them. Only users authorized can monitor, control or receive alarms from these assets, devices or equipments.
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Medanta the Medicity
Medanta the Medicity
Medanta is one of India's largest multi-super specialty institutes located in Gurgaon, India. Some of the key challenges facing Medanta included: - No Monitoring & Control over Energy Use, Indoor Air Quality, Indoor Lighting Quality & Noise Levels. - No compliance monitoring of temperature & pressure in critical care wards. - Energy bills were a surprise with no way to forecast energy costs. - Missing data & insights that could be used for targeting areas of improvement. - Existing Billing Management System (BMS) was inflexible and could not be used across the enterprise to serve the needs of different users. Requirements Based on these challenges, Medanta was looking for a comprehensive solution to Monitor & Control: - Energy Usage - Power Generators - Clean Rooms - HVAC Temperature - Chiller Temperature - Hydrant Pressure - Air Quality & Noise Levels - Critical Wards
Operational Efficiency through IoT
Operational Efficiency through IoT
A GSPC (Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation) Group company; GSPL is a pioneer in developing energy transportation infrastructure and connecting natural gas supply sources including LNG terminals to growing markets. The company transports over 22.99 MMSCMD of natural gas to around 133 Customers. Their customers include Refineries, Steel Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Glass industries, Textiles, Chemical, City Gas Distribution Companies and other miscellaneous industries. The major challenges GSPL was facing were: - Prohibitively High Energy Bills. - Lack of Monitoring Solutions to track energy consumption across the entire pipeline. - Inability to Gather Data from all 124 terminal stations into a central location. - Inability to do a Comprehensive Data Analysis to balance consumption. Requirements In addition to addressing the challenges, GSPL also had some additional requirements, such as: - Automated Data Collection. - Alarms and Alerts for specific electrical parameters that require special attention. - Actionable Insights for Proactive and Autonomous energy management. - Online Platform to monitor, analyze and act. - Centralized Remote Monitoring and Analysis.
Remote Monitoring for Environmental Compliance
Remote Monitoring for Environmental Compliance
Emerson wanted to provide a connected environmental analyzer to their customers. They wanted to leverage IoT technologies to provide a software solution that was easy to use, real-time and centralized. Compliance with pollution control board guidelines and the ability to remotely calibrate and troubleshoot these devices was the primary objective. Requirements - Centralized Remote Monitoring. - IoT Based Smart Environmental Analyzers. - Remote Calibration and Troubleshooting. - User Friendly Application. - Reporting & Dashboards. - Compliance with pollution control board guidelines.
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