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Developers can build applications using a consistent set of Azure services and DevOps processes and tools, then collaborate with operations to deploy to the location that best meets their business, technical, and regulatory requirements.
Microsoft will also be working with other IT partners such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC, and Lenovo to develop purpose-built Azure Stack integrated systems that come ready to run and offer enterprise-grade customer support.
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A Customized Cloud Framework Guarantees Vehicle's Mission and Health
A Customized Cloud Framework Guarantees Vehicle's Mission and Health
A large U.S. heavy equipment manufacturer and logistics company sell its vehicles to dealers who, in turn, rent or sell them to individual customers. An antiquated, on-premises data center made maintaining and managing its 400,000 pieces of heavy equipment a challenge.This outdated environment also made it difficult to scale its vehicle monitoring capabilities, assess vehicle health proactively and capture analytics for insights into performance across the company. With its legacy data center at capacity and the high licensing fees associated with available marketplace solutions, the manufacturer needed a partner to help transform its business operations.
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