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The World’s First Complete Edge Computing Platform For Industrial IoT.

Seamlessly connect nearly all industrial devices and systems, liberating processing and integrating the data from the factory floor into cloud or on-premise enterprise systems.

LoopEdge lets you run applications locally at the edge for quick and effective processing, so you don't bombard your cloud infrastructure with unnecessary data.

With a proper management UI, LoopEdge enables seamless connectivity to nearly all legacy devices and industrial protocols. Data can be pre-processed, filtered and analyzed at the Edge before sending the data to the Cloud. In addition, LoopEdge provides several key functionalities that are necessary for any IIoT deployment.

Legacy device support based on industrial drivers

Security monitoring for access and threat detection

Datahub for aggregating device data and storing locally

Efficient application deployment from our public or private marketplace

Process, Analyze and filter data with a codeless, flow-based configuration UI

Native cloud connectivity to Loop and other 3rd party platforms

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Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance
Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance
The customer prides itself on excellent engineering and customer centric philosophy, allowing its customer’s minds to be at ease and not worry about machine failure. They can easily deliver the excellent maintenance services to their customers, but there are some processes that can be automated to deliver less downtime for the customer and more efficient maintenance schedules.
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