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A Personal Security and Emergency Response App offering security at home or away. With a low acquisition cost, Bridgera Rescue is the perfect companion for lone workers, teenagers, aging-at-home adults, and anyone that might require an added level of security when on-the-go.


  • Panic Button - Instant call for help. Sends location and identty to a security monitoring center for rapid assistance.
  • Location Tracking - Transmits the app location to a monitoring center, tracks movement and maintains history.
  • 24x7 Monitoring - Always-on personal security monitoring service available whenever a request is made.
  • Geo-Fence Alerts - Personal contacts receive arrival and departure notifications via SMS and email.

When it comes to personal security, "good enough" is not enough. Carrying a PERS device may not be practical, desirable, or cost effective with no guarantee you will have it when you need it. Most people are inseparable from their smartphone. Bridgera Rescue runs as an App in the background of a smartphone ensuring that it is available when you need it.

A simple button push automatically alerts a monitoring center and opens up a direct communication channel. If voice communication is not possible, the subscriber's information and precise, real-time location is automatically transmitted to the monitoring agent so that help can be dispatched without delay. Simultaneously, predefined emergency contacts will be notified via SMS and email for an added level of comfort. 

Worried about losing the Bridgera Rescue App among all the other Apps on your phone? No problem, coming soon is a BLE pendent that can be worn as a pin, on a chain, or carried in a purse or pocket. 1 simple push of the pendent's button will set the App in motion hands free! The pendent will also come with a tethering feature to notify you if your phone is out of range of the pendent.


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