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AXOOM IoT: An open, modular platform

The AXOOM digital business platform enables straightforward connection of machines, sensors and components as well as continuous data transfer between the systems and interfaces. Our technical infrastructure bears the qualification »Hosted in Germany,« which attests that all data flows are protected optimally at all times under Germany’s strict data protection laws. AXOOM is intuitive to operate, modular in construction and provides unique possibilities for analyzing and visualizing machine data.
The AXOOM IoT Starter Kit is your quick and easy ticket to taking advantage of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. Within just a few weeks, your first machines will be connected. You will receive insight into the field data of your networked equipment and can collect and evaluate it.

IoT Management with Connection Center: Management and networking of your machines

Condition Monitoring: Live monitoring of the performance of your machines

Performance Dashboard: Visualization and analysis of historical performance data and faults for your machine

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