HMS Networks Software Anybus Configuration Manager

Anybus Configuration Manager

HMS Networks
Anybus Configuration Manager
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A windows-based software where APM Terminals can specify exactly how telegrams should be passed on between systems.
Anybus products consist of electronic hardware and software which enable industrial devices to communicate.

Anybus can be embedded into an industrial device to provide network connectivity, or be used as a gateway which "translates" between devices and networks. There are also Anybus products for wireless communication.
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Making Straddle Carriers Talk
Making Straddle Carriers Talk
To enable the office to keep track of the straddle carriers' status, APM wanted to install a wireless system which would enable communication between the straddle carriers and the central office. The problem was that the carriers use a CAN-based bus internally which could not communicate with the Modbus-TCP-based monitoring system that was to send the data to the office.
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