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Achilles Platform

Achilles Platform
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The Achilles Test Platform (ATP) is a robustness test solution specifically designed for critical infrastructure devices. Finding faults and vulnerabilities early can save 10x or more in cost, versus discovering device problems after deployment.

ATP has a virtual machine (VM) companion, Achilles Test Software, that enables widespread economical use. ATP is the only communications robustness test platform that can monitor both network and operational parameters, allowing vulnerabilities to be discovered, faults to be reproduced, isolated, identified and resolved before products are introduced to the market.
Achilles® Test Platform

- Tests communication robustness for industrial and automation devices (PLCs, DCS and others)
- Validates performance and availability based on specifications
- Discovers known and unknown vulnerabilities for remediation
- Test implementation of industry protocols
- Allows faults to be reproduced, isolated and identified

Achilles Test Software

- Delivers critical communication robustness testing via Virtual Machine (VM)
- Enables widespread use to developers via economical form factor
- Prepares, aligns, and conforms with industry standards
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