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WHERE NET provides you a world-class platform that enables accurate asset and personnel visibility solutions over long-ranges. Our products are designed for applications requiring the ability to sense objects and personnel across a large space, and for operations in all types of environments.
Zebra's solution can be used over clients' entire facility, yielding maximun coverage. With maximun coverage clients will have visibility into your entire business and operations, providing clients with actionable data in order to make smarter decisions.

Zebra’s advanced WHERE NET real-time location solution is capable of being read from over a mile away. This level of range will give your business the ability to track assets and personnel across a large facility or yard, allowing you to seamlessly forecast operations and improve efficiency.

Zebra’s real-time technology will allow you to streamline and automate your business operations to harness the visible value chain for business intelligence. With smart operations your business will be able to execute and plan in real-time, increasing efficiently and creating new opportunities.
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Jaguar Land Rover Speeds Order-to-Cash Cycle
Jaguar Land Rover Speeds Order-to-Cash Cycle
At Jaguar Land Rover, vehicles physically move around the facility for testing, configuration setting, rework and rectification, leading to a longer search time to get each vehicle to its next process facility. The main goal is to minimize the vehicles' dwell time between end of line and the delivery chain which was previously a manually intensive process. Jaguar Land Rover's goal was to build on the success of an earlier RFID project and improve the efficiency of delivering vehicles to meet dealer orders.
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