Urbiotica Hardware U-Flow Smart Traffic Measurement Sensor

U-Flow Smart Traffic Measurement Sensor

U-Flow Smart Traffic Measurement Sensor
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U-Flow is a battery-powered wireless traffic sensor which actively detects in real time the traffic volume, road occupancy and average travel speed of vehicles by road or lane; and it classifies them by sizes and by speed categories.
U-Flow is able to detect up to 10,000 vehices per day and dynamically adapt to changes in the traffic flow and types of vehicles on the road. The integration of the sensor to existing traffic management devices will offer a complete picture of the traffic status on the road.

The application of advanced decision algorithms to detect vehicles adapted to the traffic environment. There is no information processing in the sensor, helping to guarantee that its lifetime up to 10 years.

U-Flow can be installed in:

Urban streets.
Town accesses and exits.
Roads and express roads.
Entrances and exits of outdoor car parks.

It is easy and quick to install lasting approximately 10 minutes per sensor. It is wireless and requires minimum engineering work.
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Regulated parking in Nice, France
Regulated parking in Nice, France
The local administration of the city of Nice faced a critical mobility situation which was causing serious management problems and pollution harmful to the quality of life of its citizens. The objective of the project developed with our partners for the Nice administration was to reduce the vehicle flow to the city centre and encourage the use of alternative transport.
Parking at Shopping Centre Süd in Vienna, Austria
Parking at Shopping Centre Süd in Vienna, Austria
With an influx of more than 23 million people, visitors constantly had to deal with tremendous vehicle congestion in the parking area. This meant that they would waste a lot of time looking for a parking space and become more stressed, affecting their willingness to shop. This affected satisfaction in general and they ended up looking for better and quicker parking alternatives. SCS needed to resolve the situation urgently which was causing a decline in the influx of visitors to the Shopping Centre and harming the results of the points of sale.
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