Satixfy Hardware SX-3000 Satellite Modem ASIC

SX-3000 Satellite Modem ASIC

SX-3000 Satellite Modem ASIC
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SatixFy’s SX-3000 is a highly integrated Software Defined Radio (SDR) System on a Chip (SoC) Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The device is purpose built to serve as a core component in VSAT modem product.
The SX-3000 specifications cover the latest VSAT standards (DVB-S2X/RCS2). The ASIC also delivers additional programmable features designed for long term system viability ensuring future-proof products. Today’s VSAT modem designs need to stay compliant with future standards and enable future development in an ever changing communication landscape.
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January 01, 2016 (3 years ago)
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