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Sensors & Actuators
Thermal, Heat & Temperature
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SensorNode is Integrated Sensor Data Unit (ISDU) with multiple sensors integrated in single unit. It has following sensors; Temperature, Pressure, Vibration, Gas, GPS, External temperature/humidity. It also has fibre optic based electronic seal feature which can be added feature for logistics applications.

It is developed with primary focus on customization options that it can offer for different use cases. The overall architecture is modular where sensors, memory, communication interface can be customised as per needs.

Even though current version is based on GSM for wireless communication, it can be extended for Ethernet, wifi, BLE, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, etc. 

The Microcontroller itself can be replaced by equivalent in ST family for specific low power applications. 

The re-chargeable battery module can be customized for extended battery life support.

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