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NI System on Module (SOM) devices are fully tested and validated hardware products that ship with a complete middleware solution and Linux-based RTOS already integrated into the system. The NI SOM uses a graphical approach to programming the FPGA, eliminating the need for HDL expertise. Before development, quickly prototype with CompactRIO, then deploy with the SOM reusing the majority of the code. Use the development kit to simplify the board design with reference designs and quickly integrate I/O with PMOD connectors and a digital prototyping area. The combination of the integrated software, intuitive FPGA programming, prototyping capability, and simplified development process results in a significant reduction in development time, design, risk, and time to market. The NI SOM is designed for high volume OEM applications.
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Developing Smart Tools for the Airbus Factory
Developing Smart Tools for the Airbus Factory
Manufacturing and assembly of aircraft, which involves tens of thousands of steps that must be followed by the operators, and a single mistake in the process could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix, makes the room for error very small.
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